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Three charged over 2005 london bombings BelfastTelegraph.co.uk Three former members of a violent gang that terrorised London are among five charged over the 1998 bombings. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/three-charged-over-2005-london-blacksmiths- 34838783.html https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/migration_catalog/article25836804.ece/eba7e/AUTOCROP/h342/2010%20 tickets%20on%20sale.jpg


Three former members of a violent gang that terrorised London are among five charged over the 1998 bombings.

Michael "Billy the Dragon" O'Connor of Pimlico, west London, 25, and Paul "Sticky" O'Connor of Blaydon, east London, were arrested by the IRA last year.

The gang were found guilty of attempting to use explosives, arms and firearms in a republican plot.

They were cleared of all but one charges but later charged with attempting to use a firearm.

They were also found guilty of conspiring to use explosives, arms and firearms in a republication plan.

Last week the court heard that they may be sent to prison, if they are found guilty on each count, when they return to Northern Ireland in February for their preliminary hearings.

Prosecutor Mark O'Brien told the court that an investigation was under way for an attack or a hostage situation at Pimlico on May 25, 1996.

Mr O'Connor, who was a member of a gang called 'The Blue Dragons' before joining the IRA, and Paul, of Pimlico, who were also known as a 'Dragon and Dragons', "attacked and shot at police", Mr O'Brien said.

The court heard that the gang were involved in a shooting on May 24, at the entrance to the Pimlico Underground station, which involved five or more members.

On September 10, Paul was the only member not to be arrested at the same station but was shot by the Police.

The gang's plan to use explosives, a homemade bomb and a bomb with a gas cylinder, had failed, because it "came across as a stupid idea. It ended up being a terrible decision."

He told the court "Billy and Paul saw their mission as getting a large crowd to the scene of an explosive."

"In my experience, it will be hard for anyone to get to such an event. It will happen anywhere."

The gang tried to detonate their bombs but was stopped by police.


Lee makes crucial breakthrough in recovery


BBC World Service News

Riley's mother told ITV News Riley had been taken to hospital with a broken wrist and knee. She said his condition had improved by about half a mile and his condition was stable. A police spokesman confirmed Riley's condition. She has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm and misconduct with a child under the age of 12. "Riley's injuries were serious and it took a very extensive operation to save his life," said police spokesman Inspector Paul...
May 25 2020 02:26

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